An incomplete history of Slam

written by Kurt Heintz
principal photography by Jeannine Deubel
graphics and additional photography by Kurt Heintz

Part of the e-poets' online library. For extended audio of
Patricia Smith, Example: None, Cin Salach, Tara Betts, and other artists at the
heart of the slam movement in Chicago, see also: the Book of Voices. For online
video of Patricia Smith and Cin Salach, see also: the e-poets Videotheque.

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The prelude and onset of the slam phenomenon in Chicago, tracing roots back to the 1970s with threads from New York and Chicago's punk rock and poetry scenes... through the discovery of the mature poetry slam by people outside Chicago.

The expansion of slam to venues beyond Chicago, principally to Boston,New York and San Francisco, then to the rest of the United States and the world...

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