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technical info

your web browser program:
For browsing in the e-poets.net domain, you should have a current web browser. Various pages in the domain use CSS, JavaScript, Java, DHTML, and other technologies for essential content presentation. We recommend any of the following browsers:

your display:
At minimum, you should set the resolution of your computer's screen to 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall, and allow for thousands of colors. Ideally, your screen should be set to 1024 pixels wide, with millions of colors.

your sound system:
Many features in the e-poets.net domain contain links to streaming audio and video. (See browser plug-ins below.) To hear them, you should enable audio playback on your computer's speakers.

your connection to the web:
A 56K modem or faster internet connection is recommended. Almost all streaming audio and video on e-poets.net should play through this speed of modem connection. Faster connections, such as through a campus LAN, cable modem, or DSL line, will allow you to see and hear audiovisual content more quickly and with fewer "hiccups" and reloads.

your browser plug-ins:
Almost all audio and video content contained on e-poets.net is viewable through RealPlayer from Real Networks. Browse Real Networks' website carefully, and you can find a basic RealMedia player available for a free download.

The basic player functions indefinitely with no "nags" or advertisements, and all newer content on e-poets.net is designed to function in it. RealPlayer 10 or later is recommended, but satisfactory results may be had in many cases with players going back to version 8.0. Of course, the full-featured RealPlayer (the one you can buy or subscribe to) will also work, but it's not necessary for e-poets.net content.

A handful of legacy audio files are playable with the Quicktime player from Apple Computer, using version 3.0 or later. Beyond QuickTime and Real, no other digital media codecs/players are used here. We've kept it simple.

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