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The Book of Voices

Our on-going study of poetry in the aural tradition has chapters on great Chicago poets such as Patricia Smith, Kent Foreman, and the late Mitch Wojtycki, with works gathered from the USA, Canada, Australia, and the world. We recently moved the Book of Voices to it's very own web domain, voices.e-poets.net, so we may expand it even further for you, our listeners and readers.

An Incomplete History of Slam

The story of slam poetry from Chicago endures, and is one of e-poets' most popular online features. A glimpse into the early days of slam before that name ever applied to poetry, and into the lives of slam poetry's foundation artists.

Alt-X the Beautiful

Mark Amerika is the creator of Alt-X, one of the web's early and enduring lit-crit collections. He speaks about his philosophy of "avant-pop" in this 1995 interview. Compare the Internet and literary publishing today with what was understood in those early years.

How do you read your text?

A feature on the holopoetry of Eduardo Kac, from the back pages of Hyphen magazine circa 1996. Trace a lineage of visual poetry from carved stone and calligraphy to virtual reality with this seminal artist. Includes an updated "webliography", which is itself a Kac-ism.

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